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Abbreviated Dendrogram
Diapsida ├─Archosauromorpha │ └─Lepidosauromorpha ├─Sauropterygia │ ├─Placodontia │ ├─Pachypleurosauridae │ └─┬─Nothosauridae │ └─Plesiosauria │ ├─Pliosauroidea │ └─Plesiosauroidea │ ├─Elasmosauridae │ └─Cryptocleidoidea └─Lepidosauriformes ├─Sphenodontia └─Squamata


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Pachypleurosauridae - Notes

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Pachypleurosauridae - Clade or Grade?

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Clade or Grade?

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Notes

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On discovering ancestors

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Physiological diversity

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Pachypleurosauridae - Clade or Grade, Wumengosaurus

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