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Thelodonti: References

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Vertebrata ├─Conodonta └─┬─Pteraspidomorphi └─Thelodonti ├─┬─Furcacaudiformes │ └─Thelodontida └─┬─┬─Katoporida │ └─Cephalaspidomorphi │ ├─Galeaspida │ └─┬─Pituriaspida │ ├─Osteostraci │ └─Gnathostomata (conventional placement) └─┬─Loganiidae └─Gnathostomata (alternate placement) ├─Placodermi └─┬─Chondrichthyes └─Teleostomi

Thelodontida (2)

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Furcacaudiformes, Thelodonti.

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