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      |  `--+--Embolomeri
      |     `--Chroniosuchia

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions, Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Anthracosauroidea, Embolomeri, Eoherpeton, Pholiderpeton, Proterogyrinus, Gephyrostegidae Seymouriamorpha.

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Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Chroniosuchia, Chroniosuchidae, Bystrowianidae

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Chroniosuchia biostratigraphy

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Chroniosuchia biostratigraphy

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Tseajaia, Diadectidae

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Gephyrostegus Overview, Solenodonsaurus

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Chroniosuchia -essay

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Gephyrostegus - Overview

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- overview, Gephyrostegus - Overview

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Chroniosuchia biostratigraphy

Systema Naturae 2000 / Classification Superorder Reptiliomorpha
Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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Chroniosaurus, Chroniosuchus

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Reptiliomorpha - Changing Definitions

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