The Vertebrates 240: Actinopterygii

Actinopterygian Dendrogram

000 Introduction
100 Summary Dendrogram
      Intermediate Level Dendrograms:
   200 Chordata
   220 Gnathostomata
   240 Actinopterygii
   260 Sarcopterygii
   280 Reptiliomorpha
   300 Archosauromorpha
   320 Theropoda
   340 Synapsida
   360 Mammalia

This is an intermediate level dendrogram ("cladogram"). It shows taxa corresponding to abbreviated dendrograms in each unit of Palaeos: Vertebrates, plus a few others necessary to avoid showing spurious relationships. For the highest level of detail, see the individual dendrograms, if any.

Taxa in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS correspond to units in the main section. MH is a link to the equivalent page of Mikko Haaramo's phylogeny archive (note: these links no longer work, but have not been updated as yet. When they are updated, this message will be removed. - MAK). 
ToL is a link to the equivalent page of the Tree of Life.
X indicates an extinct taxon.
Quotation marks indicate either a paraphyletic group or an unpublished name. ATW

Note also that the dendrogram given here may not match revisions in the Palaeos unit pages. As always, Palaeos is a work in progress - MAK)

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Osteichthyes ├─Actinopterygii MH │ ├─Cladistia MH │ └─Actinopteri │ ├─Chondrostei │ └─Neopterygii MH │ ├─Ginglymodi │ │ ├─Macrosemiiformes X MH │ │ └─Lepisosteiformes │ └─Halecostomi │ ├─Halecomorphi │ │ ├─Parasemionotidae X MH │ │ └─Amiiformes MH │ └─┬─┬─Semionotiformes X MH │ │ └─Pycnodontiformes X MH │ └─┬─Pachycormiformes X │ └─Teleostei MH, ToL │ ├─Osteoglossomorpha MH │ └─Elopocephala │ ├─Elopomorpha │ └─Clupeocephala MH │ ├─Clupeomorpha │ └─Euteleostei MH │ ├─Ostariophysi │ │ ├─Anotophysi MH │ │ └─Otophysi MH │ │ ├─Cypriniformes │ │ └─Siluriphysi │ └─Neognathi │ ├─┬─Salmoniformes │ │ └─Esociformes MH │ └─┬─Argentiniformes │ └─Neoteleostei │ ├─Stenopterygii │ └─Eurypterygii MH │ ├─Cyclosquamata MH │ └─Ctenosquamata MH │ ├─Scopelomorpha ToL, MH │ └─Acanthomorpha MH │ ├─Lampridiformes MH │ └─Labroidei MH │ ├─Cichlidae MH │ └─Labridae MH └─Sarcopterygii

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