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Lobopodia (2)

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Lobopodia, Panarthropoda

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Lobopodia, Panarthropoda

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The ballard of Hallucinogenia

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The ballard of Hallucinogenia

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Dinocaridida - cladograms

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Lobopodia, Panarthropoda, Xenusion

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Lobopodia, Facivermis, Panarthropoda

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Cardiodictyon, Luolishania, Microdictyon, Onychodictyon

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Diania, Lobopodia

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Archonychophora, Facivermis, Lobopodia, Luolishania

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Archonychophora, Lobopodia

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Diania, Lobopodia

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Hallucigenia sparsa

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