Ecdysozoa Classification

Panarthropoda Classification

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Ecdysozoa ╞═Scalidophora └─┬─Nematoida │ └─Panarthropoda ├─Aysheaia └─┬─Tardigrada └─┬─Xenusiidae ├─Onychophora └─┬─Luolishaniidae ╘═╤═Siberiidae ╘═╤═Dinocaridida └─Arthropoda

Lobopodia (2)

The following classification is from Cavalier-Smith (1998), Dzik&Krumbiegel1989 and Hou and Bergström. The following incorporates the list from the Wikipedia page Xenusiid and includes a number of monotypal taxa. The Onychophora is here made a paraphyletic taxon to avoid innumerable unplaced taxa that don't firt in the crown group. In addition, Cambrian lobopodians were at least morphologically closer to recent onychophores as shown by the fact that they would frequently cluster in cladistic analyses (e.g. Ramsköld & Chen (1998) Liu et al 2011) which at least indicates a phenetic similarity. Even so, this risks making the Onychoiphora into a watsebasket taxon. In any case, since the precise evolutionary relationships of these animals is still so uncertain, it should not be taken too seriously MAK120424

Superphylum Ecdysozoa Aguinaldo et al. 1997 (cont.) Phylum Lobopodia Snodgrass, 1938 (= Protarthropoda Lankester, 1904 = Lobopoda Cavalier-Smith 1998 ; soft cuticle; unjointed limbs with terminal claws ; both muscles and hydraulic pressure involved in locomotion; evolutionary grade, Camb-Rec). Subphylum Onychophora Grube 1853 Class Xenusia Dzik & Krumbiegel, 1989 (Paleozoic Lobopodians, traditionally included under Onychophora - paraphyletic/ancestral panarthropod grade - Cambr - Sil) Order unspecified Mureropodia (intermediate between priapozoa and lobopodia) Order Protonychophora Hutchinson 1930 (ancestral to other lobopodians) Family Aysheaiidae Walcott, 1911 (monotypal, includes only Genus Aysheaia) Order Xenusiida Dzik & Krumbiegel, 1989 (paraphyletic taxon for Cambrian lobopodians; includes the Orders Scleronychophora Hou & Bergström 1995, Paronychophora Hou & Bergstrom, 1995, and Archonychophora Hou & Bergstrom, 1995) Family Cardiodictyidae Hou & Bergstrom, 1995 (monotypal taxon - should probably be synonymised with anther family) Family Eoconchariidae Hou & Shu, 1987 (= Microdictyonidae) (monogeneric taxon) Family Hallucigeniidae Conway Morris, 1977 Family Luolishaniidae Hou & Bergstrom, 1995 (filter feeders, reduced limbs, sedentary?) Family Onychodictyidae Hou & Bergstrom, 1995 (monogeneric taxon - - should probably be synonymised with anther family) Family Paucipodiidae Hou et al., 2004 (monotypal taxon) Family Xenusiidae Dzik & Krumbiegel, 1989 (large early lobopodians) Order Siberiida Dzik 2011 (large advanced forms with grasping appendages) Family Siberiidae Dzik 2011 Class Euonychophora Hutchinson, 1930 (terrestrial onychophora, velvet worms, e.g. Peripatus, Cambrian? or Carb to Rec) Subphylum Tardigrada Doyère 1840 (water bears, e.g. Echiniscus. Microscopic.Camb-Rec). Subphylum Protarthropoda Lankester, 1904 (used here as paraphyletic bridging taxon between lobopodians and arthropods, and could be eqially placed in either phylum) Class Dinocaridida Collins, 1996 (paraphyletic grade of swimming and gilled lobopodians, include Anomalocaridid superpredators Camb to Dev) Order Radiodonta Collins 1996 Phylum Arthropoda von Siebold and Stannius 1848 (jointed exoskelton Camb-Rec).

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