Stem Metazoa
Eukarya Stem Metazoa

Stem Metazoa

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Eukarya ├─Metamonada └─┬─Discicristata └─┬─Rhizaria └─┬─┬─┬─Alveolata │ │ └─Chromista │ └─Plantae └─Stem Metazoa ├─Apusomonadida └─┬─Amoebozoa └─┬─Microsporidia └─┬─Fungi └─Metazoa


This is a placeholder page for one of the major divisions of Eukarya. We have tried not to clutter Palaeos with formal-sounding names which are not formal, published taxa. The one exception -- and we've forgotten why we made an exception -- is Metabiotifomes = plants + animals.  "Stem Metazoa" is one of the two stem clades supporting Metabiotiformes, i.e. animals > plants. In Cavalier-Smith's (2002) phylogeny, this is equivalent to Unikonta plus Apusozoa. Apusozoa may also lie outside the Stem Metazoa  as defined here, in which case, Unikonta and Stem Metazoa are just about identical. 

In addition to the Apusozoa and the amoebas, the Stem Metazoa contain the Fungi and the animals, both of which have their own major sections in Palaeos. Finally, we include a few taxa of uncertain affinities which are probably fungi or animals, but branch so deeply that we can't really tell. As of the present writing, the only such organisms actually treated in Palaeos are the highly divergent, parasitic Microsporidia.

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