Mollusca Scaphopoda


Abbreviated Dendrogram


Antalis entalis - photo (c) BioImages
Antalis entalis (Scaphopoda: Dentaliida: Dentaliidae); empty shells washed up after storms; Swanage Beach, England.
Photo © BioImages Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution Share Alike via Encylopedia of Life.

The Scaphopods are called tooth or tusk shells because some types resemble miniature elephant tusks. These little-known molluscs are actually relict survivors of a more diverse Paleozoic group known as Rostroconchs. Where they belong on the molluscan evolutionary tree is uncertain; they have been variously grouped with bivalves and cephalopods (it is hard to imagine two more diverse clades of molluscs), such is the lack of consensus in molluscan phylogeny. MAK120614

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