The Vertebrates Dermoptera


Abbreviated Dendrogram
Eutheria ├─Laurasiatheria ├?─Chiroptera └─Euarchontaglires ├─Anagalida (incl. Glires) └─Archonta ├─┬─Scandentia │ └─Dermoptera └─Primatomorpha ╞═Plesiadapiformes └─Primates


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  1. Dermoptera


colugaDermoptera: colugos (Cynocephalus), Ekgmowechashala. 2 R species of 1-2 kg SE Asian arboreal gliders somewhat convergent on bats.

fr upEc (mPc?).

Archonta : Primatomorpha + (Scandentia + * )

Skull broad & flat; dental formula 2/3, 1/1, 2/2, 3/3; I2 caniniform; i1-2 broad & comb-like, used for grooming and scraping leaves; canines double-rooted; broad, 3-cusp molars with shearing enamel lophs; palate broad & flattened; large tongue; large forward-facing eyes with overlapping fields of vision; postorbital bar nearly complete; tympanic bullae flattened; thoracic neural spines short; ribs broad; sternum slightly keeled; radius elongated, but distal ulna reduced; digits 5/5 with sharp, curved claws (climbing); membranes from neck to fingers, between limbs, and from foot to tip of tail; sloth-like, under-branch climbers; long-distance gliding (>100 m); herbivorous, frugivorous; long intestinal tract with very large cecum; 1 offspring per pregnancy; strictly arboreal & unable to walk.

Links: Animal Diversity Web: Order Dermoptera: Family Cynocephalidae; Lecture 12 - Mac/Der/Scan.; Order Dermoptera: Flying Lemurs or Colugos; Mammalogy, lecture 9; Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections- Dermoptera; Mammalia/Dermoptera/dermoptera_01.html">Mammalia- Dermoptera - Riesengleiter German); Order Dermoptera- Flying Lemurs or Colugos skull & skeleton); Dermoptera after McKenna & Bell 1997; Dermoptera - Letuchy (Czech); Dermoptera Spanish); Sub-Unit- Order Dermoptera. ATW030309.

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