Přídolí Epoch
Silurian Period
The Pridoli Epoch

The Přídolí

The Pridoli Epoch of the Silurian Period: 419 to 416 Mya

Silurian Grammar

The Silurian Subcommission of the International Stratigraphic Commission was one of the first to complete its work.  Holland (1985). Perhaps for that reason, among others, and for good or ill, the self-conscious internationalism of later reports was omitted. Consequently, some of the typographical conventions of the Silurian were retained. So, for example, The first epoh of the Silurian is the Llandovery, not the "Llandoverian."  The Přídolí retains its original Slavic transliteration in the Episodes issue officially nominating the global stratotype section and point. Notwithstanding, it is usually written "Pridoli."   We will use the two interchangeably and somewhat randomly.

The Přídolí remains the only epoch (series) which is not further subdivided into ages (stages). The current (2008) ICS scheme for the Carboniferous includes an additional five epochs with only a single age; but we have declined to adopt that usage.



Land Plants

Assemblages containing Cooksonia, and other simple rhyniophytes are preserved in what were originally marine, nearshore, and occasionally in freshwater river deposits, at a number of localities around the margins of Euramerica (the so-called "Old Red Land "). Most fossils were of plants that had been transported by rivers away from the places where they grew, so their original habitats remain obscure. They are often associated with fragments of eurypterids.

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