Mollusca Dendrogram

Gastropoda: Dendrogram

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Mollusca ├─Aculifera └─Conchifera ╘═Helcionelloida └─┬─Bellerophontoidea └─Gastropoda (crown group) ╞═Eogastropoda (paraphyletic or polyphyletic) │ ├?─Macluritoidea │ ├?─Euomphaloidea │ └─Patellogastropoda └─Orthogastropoda ├─Vetigastropoda ├─Neritimorpha └─┬─Caenogastropoda └─Heterobranchia ├─Opisthobranchia └─Pulmonata

Gastropod radulas
Systematics Gastropoda

Gastropod phylogeny is in near total dissaray. For organizational purposes only, we will follow this cladogram:

Helcionelloida (paraphyletic) ╞═Rostroconchia │ └─Scaphopoda ├─Bivalvia └─┬─Paragastropoda │ ├─Pelagiellida (= Pelagielloidea) │ └─Mimospirida (= Onychochiloidea) └─┬─Tergomya (paraphyletic) ├?Bellerophontoidea? └─Gastropoda (crown group) ├─Eogastropoda │ └─Euomphalida (=-na?) │ ├?─Macluritoidea │ └─┬─Euomphaloidea │ └─Patellogastropoda (stem group) │ └─Metoptomatidae └─Orthogastropoda ╘?═Sinuopeidae) ├? Murchisoniida ├─Neritopsina │ ├─Neritoida │ └─┬─Cocculinoidea │ └─Vetigastropoda └─Apogastropoda ├─Caenogastropoda │ ├─Architaenioglossa │ └─Sorbeoconcha │ ├─Neogastropoda │ └─everything else └─Heterobranchia ├─Opisthobranchia │ ├─Sacoglossa │ └─┬─Cephalaspidea (followed by various others) │ └─Nudibranchia └─Pulmonata ├─Systellommatophora └─┬─Basommatophora └─┬─Acteophila └─Stylommatophora

This scheme reflects some elements found in the following references:

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A fuller classification, which has not yet been converted to a proper cladogram format, shows the relationships of various recent and fossil groups according to a Linnaean format.

Class Gastropoda INCERTÆ SEDIS INCERTÆ SEDIS Family Pragoscutulidae Frýda, 1998 Family Pragoserpulinidae Frýda, 1998 Order MIMOSPIRINA Superfamily Onychochiloidea Subclass Eogastropoda Order Euomphalina Superfamily Ophiletoidea Superfamily Euomphaloidea Superfamily Platyceratoidea Order DOCOGLOSSA [=PATELLOGastropoda ] Subclass Orthogastropoda INCERTÆ SEDIS Order MURCHISONIINA {fide Wagner, undated} Superfamily Murchisonioidea Superfamily Loxonematoidea Superfamily Lophospiroidea [=Trochonematacea & Eotomarioidea] Grade Subulitoidea Superorder NERITOPSINA [=NERITIMORPHA] Order CYRTONERITIMORPHA Family Orthonychiidae Bandel & Frýda, 1999 (euomphalid like???) Family Vltaviellidae Bandel & Frýda, 1999 (euomphalid like???) Order NERITOIDA [=CYCLONERITIMORPHA] Superfamily Neritoidea Superfamily Symmetrocapuloidea Superfamily ?Peltospiroidea Superfamily ?Palaeotrochoidea Order Neomphalida Superfamily Neomphaloidea Superorder Vetigastropoda Superorder COCCULINIFORMIA Infraclass Apogastropoda Superorder CAENOGastropoda INCERTÆ SEDIS Incertæ sedis Family Ladinulidae Bandel, 1992 Family Lanascalidae Bandel, 1992 Family Popenellidae Bandel, 1992 Family Prostyliferidae Bandel, 1992 Family Settsassiidae Bandel, 1992 Superfamily Pseudomelanioidea Family Pseudomelaniidae Fischer, 1885 [=Trajanellidae Pchelintsev, 1953] Order ARCHITAENIOGLOSSA Order SORBEOCONCHA {Cerithioidea to Buccinoidea} Superfamily ?Spanionematoidea Golikov & Starobogatov, 1987 Superfamily Cerithioidea Superfamily Campaniloidea [=suborder Campanilimorpha] Family Campanilidae Douvillé, 1904 Family Plesiotrochidae Houbrick 1990 Suborder HYPSOGastropoda {Calyptraeoidea to Buccinoidea} [LATROGastropoda Riedel, 2000] ?Superfamily ?Weeksiidae Sohl, 1960 infraorder LITTORINIMORPHA infraorder PTENOGLOSSA infraordinal grade Neogastropoda Superorder Heterobranchia {TRIGANGLIONATA to EUTHYNEURA} [=HETEROSTROPHA sensu Bandel] INCERTÆ SEDIS Incertæ sedis Family Dolomitellidae Bandel, 1994 {Triassic} Family Misurinellidae Bandel, 1994 {Triassic} Family Zardinellidae Bandel, 1994 {Triassic} Ordinal Grade TRIGANGLIONATA [=Allogastropoda, & HETEROSTROPHA ] Infraorder EUTHYNEURA {OPISTHOBRANCHIA + Pulmonata - monophyletic fide Yoon & Kim, 2000 and Wade & Mordan, 2000} Ordinal Grade OPISTHOBRANCHIA[=OPISTHOBRANCHIATA] Order Pulmonata

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