Arthropoda Thalassinidea

Decapoda: Thalassinidea

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Malacostraca │ └─Decapoda ├─Dendrobranchiata └─┬─Caridea └─Reptantia ├─Eryonoidea └─Eureptantia ├─Thalassinidea ├─Palinuroidea └─┬─Anomura └─Brachyura


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  1. Thalassinidea

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Thalassinidea is an infraorder of decapod crustaceans that live in burrows. Recent molecular analyses have shown this group to be most closely related to Brachyura (crabs) and Anomura (hermit crabs and their allies). The monophyly of the group is not certain; recent studies have suggested dividing the group into two infraorders, Gebiidea and Axiidea.[3].

There are believed to be 556 extant species of thalassinideans in 96 genera,[4] with the greatest diversity in the tropics, although with some species reaching latitudes above 60° north. About 95% of species live in shallow water, with only three taxa living below 2,000 metres.[5] - Wikipedia

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Fossil Record

The Recent genus Callianassa Leach is known from the Kimmeridgian, as well as from the Cretaceous and Tertiary. Thalssian Latreille is Tertiary and Recent.Zittel & Eastman 1913 (public domain) - needs updating


The following dendrogram is abbreviated from the one by Christopher Taylor - Variety of LIfe MAK120522

■─Thalassinida [Callianassoidea, Thalassinidea] DAS03 │ i. s.: Ctenochelidae CA04 │ ├─Anacalliax MD01 │ └─Callianopsis de Saint Laurent 1973 CA04 │ Thomassiniidae MD01 ├─Jaxea [Laomediidae] DAS03 └─┬─┬─Thalassina [Thalassinidae, Thalassinidea] DAS03 │ └─┬─Eiconaxius acutifrons Bate 1888 DAS03 │ └─Axioidea MD01 │ ├─Micheleidae MD01 │ ├─Strahlaxiidae MD01 │ └─Calocaris DAS03 [Calocarididae MD01] └─┬─Upogebia Leach 1813 DAS03, B55 [Upogebiidae MD01] └─┬─Callianidea [Callianideidae] DAS03 └─Callianassidae MD01 ├─Callichirus Stimpson 1866 [Callichirinae] CF06 └─Callianassa Leach 1814 DAS03, B55


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Thalassinidea Latreille, 1831

From the Jurassic

Phylogeny: Eureptantia : Astacura + Palinuroidea + Meiura + *

Comments: The position of the Thalassinidea, and whether they are even monophyletic, is controversial. In some phylogenies, they are basal Reptantia, in others, intermediate between lobsters and crabs and crab-like forms. MAK120531

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