Arthropoda Dendrobranchiata

Decapoda: Dendrobranchiata

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Malacostraca │ └─Decapoda ├─Dendrobranchiata └─Pleocyemata ├─Caridea └─Reptantia ├─Eryonoidea └─Eureptantia ├─Astacidea ├─Palinuroidea └─┬─Anomura └─Brachyura


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  1. Dendrobranchiata

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The Dendrobranchiata are prawns as oposed to the shrimps (Caridea). Pending a more complete coverage, this rather bland holding page will have to do MAK120526


As shown in the following dendrogram, from adapted from Christopher Taylor's blog, Variety of LIfe (see also Mikko's phylogeny for an earelier version), the Decapoda are divided into two two clades, the Pleocyemata and the Dendrobrachiata. This dendrogram does not include the several known fossil lineages

Decapoda ├─Pleocyemata DAS03 │ ├─ Caridea DAS03 │ └─┬─Reptantia DAS03 │ └─Stenopodidea DAS03 │ ├─Spongicolidae MD01 │ └─Stenopus Latreille 1819 BR05 [Stenopodidae MD01] └─Dendrobranchiata [Penaeidea] MD01 │ i. s.: Parapenaeopsis KW70 ├─Sergestoidea MD01 │ ├─Sergestes CH97 [Sergestidae HC79] │ └─Lucifer Thompson 1829 HC79 [Luciferidae MD01] └─Penaeoidea HC79 ├─Solenoceridae HC79 ├─Penaeidae DAS03 ├─Benthesicymidae MD01 ├─Aristeus BRP03 [Aristeidae HC79] └─Sicyonia Milne Edwards 1830 [Sicyoniidae] HC79


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Dendrobranchiata Bate, 1888

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