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Afrotheria β”‚ └─Proboscidea


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  1. Proboscidea


Proboscidea: Elephants.

Fr lwEc (upPc?) of Afr Asia, Eur, & NAm.

Paenungulata :: Sirenia + *.

Very large up to 7500 kg) herbivores with trunks. Skull anteroposteriorly compressed & tall, pneumatized; large tusks formed from I2 (I1?) with enamel only on tip; in recent forms; usually only one very large, loxodont, cheek tooth is functional at any given time; cheek teeth with numerous ridges formed from enamel, dentine coat and cementum between ridges; narial proboscis with 1-2 finger-like structures at distal end; premaxilla specialized as sheath for tusks; marked lambdoid crest (see this image at Animal Diversity Web); neck short; small tail; long axis of pelvis almost 90ΒΊ to spine; acetabulum faces ventrally; graviportal, unspecialized, columnar limbs; proximal segments longest; heel pad of fibrous tissue supports most of weight; short digits 5/5; massive bones; limb bones without marrow & with spongy bone core; non-selective browsers(?); complex social structures and vocalizations; infrasound (14-24 Hz) long-distance communications.

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Image: Ganesh riding on his bearer and good friend, the rat.

Note: the heavy bones, columnar limbs and pneumatized skull may have developed before the evolution of great size. ATW040703.

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