The Vertebrates Crown Group Glires

Glires: Crown Group Glires

Abreviated Dendrogram
Euarchontoglires ├─Archonta │ └─Anagalida (Total Group Glires) ├─Anagaloidea │ ├─Anagalidae │ └─Pseudictopidae └─Crown Group Glires ├─Lagomorpha └─Rodentia

Crown Group Glires

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  1. Glires


Glires : Eurymylus? rabbits & rodents.

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Phylogeny: Anagalida : Anagaloidea + *: Lagomorpha + Rodentia.

Characters: Elongated snout with substantial (50%) contribution from growth of premaxilla [A+01]; jaw moves anterodorsally away from ear [L+87]; lateral alisphenoid canal for anterior trigeminal [L+87]; ever growing incisors and cheek teeth; reduced dentition; large, medial, & ever-growing procumbent i1 [A+01] (contra [FK02], not procumbent in Glires because strongly curved upwards); incisors with enamel restricted to outer surface near the crowns [A+01]; incisor enamel with Hunter-Schreger bands [A+01]; canines absent; large diastema between incisors & premolars; reduced number of premolars; coprophagy [L+87]; specialized cecum [L+87].

Note: Clearly the taxon Glires, first proposed by Linnaeus, remains controversial after literally centuries of debate. Even the scanty morphological description above would exclude the Macroscelidea. Incidentally, "glires" is the plural of the Latin glis = dormouse which, stuffed and/or in honey, was the Roman equivalent of a gourmet hot dog.

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References: Archibald et al. (2001) [A+01]; Fostowicz-Frelik & Kielan-Jaworowska (2002) [FK02]; Li et al. (1987) [L+87]. ATW031219.

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