The Vertebrates Ferae


Abbreviated Dendrogram
Laurasiatheria │ └─┬─Ferae └─┬─Perissodactyla └─Cetartiodactyla


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  1. Ferae

Dog carnassialsFerae: cats, dogs & seals.

Range: from the Early Paleocene

Epitheria : (Perissodactyla + Cetartiodactyla) + *.

dental formula generally 3/3, 1/1, 2-4/2-4, 1-2/1-3; canines large & conical; carnassials present (P4 & m1 in all living forms); all teeth rooted; tight jaw joint with limited transverse or rotary jaw movement; turbinals large; expanded olfactory epithelium & keen sense of smell; orbit usually confluent with temporal fossa; enlarged braincase; frontal-parietal suture posterior to postorbital constriction; at least partially ossified entotympanic fused to skull; fusion of scaphoid and lunar carpals) in extant species; digits generally 5/5; femoral 3rd trochanter absent; generally carnivorous.

Links: Phylo.gen; Mammalogy - Lecture 1.

Note: this clade unites the extant Carnivora with the extinct Creodonta. Since these have generally been considered separate orders, there are relatively few sources which consider the Ferae as such. ATW010910. phylogeny revised MAK120319

checked ATW051005, revised MAK120319