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Elzanowski, Andrzej Polish paleornithologist. Elzanowski has carried out marvelous work on the phylogeny of basal Avialae, including reviews of the phylogenetic significance of Enantiornithes (Elzanowski 1981). Elzanowski also reviewed and described the astounding embryonic and egg fossils referred to Gobipteryx which were collected by the Polish-Mongolian Expedition to Late Cretaceous deposits in Mongolia (see Elzanowski 1974, 1976, 1977, 1981). More recently, Elzanowski co-authored along with Peter Wellnhofer an eclectic hypothesis whereby Avialae, spinosaurs, and troodonts formed a holophyletic clade (Elzanowski & Wellnhofer 1995), a view which has been unilaterally rejected. Elzanowski has also authored recently an extensive review of the osteology, paleobiology, and phylogeny of Archaeopteryx. (JGK - EvoWiki)

Empedocles: Greek pre-Socratic philosopher who developed a cyclic cosmology based on the four classical elements and the polarity of primal powers called Love and Strife, which bring about the mixture and the separation of the elements respectively. Was among the first to speculate on a natural theory of evolution . (from Wikipedia)

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