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Priscacara liops, a fossilised fish
Priscacara liops, a fossilised fish from the Eocene Green River Formation of Wyoming. Photo from Virtual Fossil Museum

Paleontology is the American spelling of Palaeontology, the central subject of the Palaeos website.

The word is roughly equivalent to "old life" -- the study of the life forms that existed before 'modern times'. Evidence of these life forms comes to us mainly through the study of fossils.

Any interested person could spend a happy lifetime studying all the possible implications that arise from these fossils -- and enjoy the lively debates that ensue!

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Links: (incomplete listing): University of California Museum of Paleontology comprehensive site on Earth History, although with the rise of Wikipedia its systematic coverage of Life on Earth is not as unchallenged as it was in the late 90s and early 2000s. Wikipedia paleontology portal - thanks to the tireless work of paleo geeks Wikipedia has become the single most comprehensive site on paleo matters, even if its coverage is typically unbalanced, giving enormous emphasis on charismatic groups like dinosaurs, while neglecting lesser known vertebrate, invertebrate and fossil plant groups. One of the things the new Palaeos will do (hopefully) is help to address this imbalance. Links for Palaeontologists - absolutely huge list of links and references. Not all links may still be current. International Plant Taphonomy Meeting - hopes to stimulate scientific research and to promote contacts among scientists engaged in the study of plant taphonomy including living and fossil plants of all geological periods. Palaeontologia Electronica - online peer reviewed digital journal - it's really cool to see an academic journal take such an innovative approach. Included a movie of Endoceras in issue no.1, since surpassed by videos posted to YouTube. Mirror Sites for the Palaeontologia Electronica: Texas A&M University, Texas, USA. MAK111005

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