Mollusca Dendrogram

Bellerophontoidea: Dendrogram

Abbreviated Dendrogram
Helcionelloida (paraphyletic) ├─Paragastropoda └─┬?─Tropidodiscidae ├?─Bellerophontoidea └─Gastropoda (crown group) ╞═Eogastropoda └─Orthogastropoda


The following dendrograms and references are by Christopher Taylor. Due to limitations of time on the part of the present author, this material hasn't been formatted (italics etc) or yperlinked MAK120617

Amphigastropoda (polyphyletic, = Tergomya, Paragastropoda, etc) ├─Cyrtolitida BR05 ├─Tryblidiidae T59 [Tryblidiida BR05] ├─Pelagielliformes └─┬─Gastropoda └─Bellerophontoidea [Bellerophontacea, Bellerophontida, Bellerophontina] BR05 ├─Bellerophontidae BR05 │ │ i. s.: Stachella PE94 │ ├─Bucanopsis Ulrich 1897 [Bucanopsinae] BR05 │ ├─Cymbularia Koken 1896 [Cymbulariidae, Cymbulariinae] BR05 │ ├─Bellerophontinae BR05 │ │ ├─Liljevallospira Knight 1945 [Liljevallospiridae] BR05 │ │ └─Bellerophon Montfort 1808 BR05 │ │ ├─B. heterocanalicutus Pan & Yu 1996 PE02 │ │ ├─B. (Bellerophon) yochelsoni Pan & Erwin 2002 PE02 │ │ └─B. zhesiensis DX84 │ └─Knightitinae [Knightitidae] BR05 │ ├─Knightites Moore 1941 BR05 │ └─Retispira Knight 1945 W63, PE02 │ ├─✶R. bellireticulata Knight 1945 PE02 [=Knightites (*Retispira) bellireticulata W63] │ ├─R. matanensis Pan & Yu 1993 PE02 │ ├─R. multicancellata Yu in Wang & Xi 1980 PE02 │ ├─R. sinensis Pan & Erwin 2002 PE02 │ ├─R. strictocanaliculata Yu in Wang & Xi 1980 PE02 │ ├─R. strictura Yu in Wang & Xi 1980 PE02 │ └─R. texana Yochelson 1960 PE02 ├─Bucanella Meek 1871 [=Bucaniella Fischer 1885; Bucanellinae, Bucaniellinae] BR05 ├─Tremanotus Hall 1867 [=Trematonotus Fischer 1885; Tremanotidae, Tremanotinae, Trematonotidae] BR05 ├─Tropidodiscus Meek & Worthen 1866 [Tropidodiscidae, Tropidodiscinae] BR05 ├─Pterothecidae BR05 │ ├─Pterotheca Salter 1852 [Pterothecinae] BR05 │ ├─Carinaropsis Hall 1847 [Carinaropsidae, Carinaropsinae] BR05 │ └─Pedasiola Spriesterbach 1919 [Pedasiolinae] BR05 ├─Sinuitidae [Sinuitoidea] BR05 │ ├─Aiptospira Wang 1980 [Aiptospirinae] BR05 │ ├─Hispanosinuites Frýda & Gutierrez-Marco 1996 [Hispanosinuitinae] BR05 │ └─Sinuitinae BR05 │ ├─Sinuites Koken 1896 BR05 │ └─Protowarthia Ulrich & Scofield 1897 [Protowarthiidae] BR05 ├─Euphemitidae BR05 │ ├─Paleuphemites Horný 1962 [Paleuphemitinae] BR05 │ └─Euphemitinae BR05 │ ├─Euphemites Warthin 1930 BR05 │ └─Warthia Waagen 1880 W63 │ ├─✶W. brevisinuata Waagen 1880 W63 │ ├─W. americana Girty 1909 W63 │ ├─W. micromphala (Morris 1845) (see below for synonymy) W63 │ ├─W. perspecta Fletcher 1958 W63 │ └─W. stricta (Dana 1847) (see below for synonymy) W63 └─Bucaniidae BR05 ├─Salpingostoma Roemer 1876 (see below for synonymy) BR05 ├─Undulabucania Wahlman 1992 [Undulabucaniinae] BR05 ├─Plectonotinae BR05 │ ├─Plectonotus Clarke 1899 [Plectonotini] BR05 │ └─Boucotonotus Frýda & Manda 1997 [Boucotonotini] BR05 └─Bucaniinae [Bucaniides] BR05 ├─Grandostoma Horný 1962 [Grandostomatidae, Grandostomatinae] BR05 └─Bucania Hall 1847 BR05 ├─B. angustafasciata Waagen 1880 W63 └─B. kattaensis Waagen 1880 [incl. B. k. var. carinata Wanner 1942] W63

Salpingostoma Roemer 1876 [Salpingostomatidae, Salpingostomatides, Salpingostomatinae, Salpingostominae] BR05
Vallatotheca elegantula (Chapman 1916) [=Helcionopsis elegantulum; incl. Tryblidium (Metoptoma) nycteis Cresswell 1893 non Metoptoma nycteis Billings 1862, Capulus nycteis, Helcionopsis nycteis] T59
Warthia micromphala (Morris 1845) [=Bellerophon micromphalus, B. (Warthia) micromphala, Goniatites (Agathiceras) micromphalus, G. (Prolecanites) micromphalus; incl. B. undulatus Dana 1847] W63
Warthia stricta (Dana 1847) [=Bellerophon strictus, Goniatites strictus; incl. B. contractus Sowerby in Jukes 1847 (n. n.)] W63

✶ Type species of generic name indicated


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