Cnidaria Anthozoa


Corals, Sea anemones, Sea Pens, Etc.

Cnidaria ├─Anthozoa │ ├─Octocorallia (Alcyonaria) │ └─Hexacorallia (Zoantharia) │ ├─Actiniaria │ └─┬─Tabulata │ └─┬─Rugosa │ └─Scleractinia └─┬─Hydrozoa └─┬─┬─Scyphozoa │ └─Cubozoa └─Conulata

The Cnidaria  

Body Form
The deadly Nematocysts
Evolutionary history

Cambrian to Recent

Epizoanthus scotinus
Class Anthozoa - Subclass Ceriantipatharia - Order Ceriantharia - Family Zoanthidae
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Anthozoans include corals, sea anemones, sea pens, and related organisms. These animals are either solitary or colonial polyps that live attached to a substrate (surface). This is the largest and ecologically the most important group of cnidarians. Anthozoans are unique in their absence of a medusiod phase and polyps much larger than are found in the other two classes. The polyp shows biradial symmetry, with the body cavity divided by septa   There are 6,000 known recent species.


──○Anthozoa ├─Octocorallia └─○Zoantharia [Hexacorallia] ├─┬─†Kilbuchophyllida │ └─┬?─○Ceriantharia │ └─┬─○Corallimorpharia │ ├─┬?─Ptychodactiidae* [Ptychodactiatria] │ │ └─Actiniaria │ └─┬─†Numidiaphyllida │ └─Scleractinia [Madreporaria] └─┬─†Tabuloconida └─┬─†Cothoniida └─┬─†Tabulata └─┬─†Heliolitida └─┬─┬?─†Heterocorallia │ └─†Rugosa └─┬?─Antipatharia └─Zoanthidea

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University of California Museum of Paleontology -- Introduction to the Anthozoa

Tree of Life - Anthozoa

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