Cnidaria Cerantipatharia

Subclass Cerantipatharia

Horny Corals

Pachycerianthus fimbriatus
Tube Anemone
Class Anthozoa - Subclass Cerantipatharia - Order Ceriantharia - Family Cerianthariidae
image copyright © Keith Clements and Jon Gross Marine Life of the Northeast Pacific

Included in this subclass are two superficially rather distinct forms. Alternatively they may be included with Rugose and Hexacorals in the subclass Zoantharia. It is possible that the Ceriantipatharia is a polyphyletic taxon

Subclass Ceriantipatharia Order Antipatharia: black corals Order Ceriantharia: tube anemones

Order Cerantharia - anemone-like forms with elongate bodies adapted for burrowing - the so-called "burrowing sea anemones". These are large solitary Anthozoa adapted for life in soft bottoms. The body is lodged with a secreted mucous tube buried in sand or mud e.g.. Cerianthus (above)

Order Antipatharia: Black or Horny Corals. These are gorgonian-like upright plant-like forms. Polyps are arranged around an axial skeleton of black horny material bearing thorns. Most forms are deep water and live in the tropics.

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