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This section contains discussions of individual proteins, organelles or other subcellular components.  To put the matter plainly, we frequently get side-tracked by brief discussions of non-germane topics.  For the most part, these random remarks are shunted off into the glossary, where they can be safely ignored and forgotten.  Sometimes, however, we not only get off-topic, but ramble on for several hundred words about some dull and completely inconsequential point.  Eventually, we run out of steam and realize we've blundered far off the path; but, by then, the screen is full of words and pictures.  Like so many clay objects made by small children, we're reluctant to simply discard the results of such earnest effort, however inartful and misguided.  We have instead chosen to pack them away in this deep recess where they are unlikely to be found.  Thus far, we have pondered:

The Cell Wall (with introduction to sugar chemistry)

Group I Introns