Paleozoic Era Cambrian Lagerstätte

Cambrian Lagerstätten

Most Cambrian organisms are only known from their hard parts, but a number of exception sites preserve soft-tissue impressions. Here is a partial listing of Cambrian Lagerstätte

Some Cambrian Lagerstätten Location Period/Epoch Age of Deposits Type of organisms
Sirius Passet , Early Cambrian ( Atdabanian ) 521 million years old mostly soft-bodied arthropods, also annelids and large priapulids; few taxa with shelly skeletons
Chengjiang Yunnan Province, China Early Cambrian ( Latest Atdabanian or earliest Botomian? ) 519 million years old many different groups well represented
Burgess Shale British Columbia, Canada Middle Cambrian (Amgan) 507 million years old many different groups well represented
Orsten Sweden Late Cambrian 495 million years old various tiny (mostly larval) arthropods

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