Cambrian Epoch 3
"Middle Cambrian" Epoch)
Paleozoic:Cambrian Period Cambrian age V & Drumian Age
"Amgan" Age)

The Amgan

Cambrian Age V and the Drumian Age: ~510 to ~503 million years ago

Neoproterozoic Era
   Tonian Period
   Cryogenian Period
   Ediacaran Period
Paleozoic Era

   Cambrian Period
      Terreneuvian Epoch
      Cambrian Epoch 2 
         Atdabanian Age
         Botomian Age
      Middle Cambrian Epoch
         Amgan Age 
         Drumian Age 
         Guzhangian Age
     Furongian Epoch
   Ordovician Period
   Silurian Period
   Devonian Period
   Carboniferous Period
   Permian Period

Biota of the Burgess Shale Lagerst├Ątten:
sponges Vanuxia (1), Choia (2), Pirania (3); brachiopods Nisusia (4); polychaetes Burgessochaeta (5); priapulid worms Ottia (6), Louisella (7); trilobites Olenoides 8); other arthropods Sidneyia (9), Leanchoilia (10), Marella (11), Canadaspis (12), Molaria (13), Burgessia (14), Yohoia (15), Waptia (16), Aysheaia (17); molluscs Scenella (18); echinoderms Echmatocrinus (19); chordates Pikaia (20); along with Haplophrentis (21), Opabina (22), lophophorate Dinomischus (23), proto-annelid Wiwaxia (24), and anomalocarid Laggania cambria (25).
from The Fossils of the Burgess Shales, by Briggs, Erwin and Collier, 1994)

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