Middle Jurassic Epoch
MesozoicJurassic Period Middle Jurassic

The Middle Jurassic

The Middle Jurassic Epoch of the Jurassic Period: 176 to 161 million years ago

Middle Jurassic Geography

Middle Jurassic map

ATW041105. Map public domain. No rights reserved. An enormous, 2400 x 1200 pixel, unlabelled version of this map is available (free) in all the usual formats, including a Photoshop® *.psd file with each topographical type on a different layer. That one is 12 MB, so you'd best have a fast connection. CD also available for the cost of mailing.   Email augwhite@sbcglobal.net. Privacy policy:  I'll probably lose your email address, so it really doesn't matter. Even if I don't lose it, I won't use your address for anything except to alert you if & when there are any similar maps to be had.

Middle Jurassic Stratigraphy

Middle Jurassic Callovian Age
Bathonian Age
Bajocian Age
Aalenian Age

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