Fungi References


[1] C.f., " ... [L]a science culinaire, c'est de pallier, dans la mesure du possible, par la perfection de ses produits, les imprudences des hommes." Auguste Escoffier (1912).

[2]  If you're unsure how these definitions work, see The Dendrograms: Introduction.

[3] "On peut et on doit déplorer de telles habitudes. Ne serait-ce qu'au point de vue de la santé des convives, dont l'estomac est appelé à en supporter les conséquences, elles sont absolument blâmables." Auguste Escoffier (1912).

[4] Two relatively recent sources have given opposite indications about the relative proportions of chitin and glycoprotein -- one stating that the wall is "mostly chitin" and the other stating that very little chitin is present. As in many areas of ascomycete biology, the degree of variation within this diverse group of fungi probably makes any generalization impossible.

[5] Note, once again, traditional mycology's fixation on sexual reproduction. Not only are fungi with no known teleomorphs excluded from the Ascomycota, but they are referred to as "imperfect."  This would simply be a source of amusement, but it led to a corresponding lack of interest in matters of great importance in the vegetative state, such as the mechanisms of the ecologically critical "rots," intercellular transport and signaling, vegetative growth habits and structural biology, and so on.

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