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History of the Universe - click for larger image

The history of the Universe, reading from the bottom to the top. A representation of the orthodox Big Bang model of cosmogeny and cosmology. At the right are the various "epochs" mapped against a quasi-logarithmic timescale. The radiation- and matter- dominated era are approximately (but not actually) equivalent to Adams and Laughlin's Primordial and Stelliferous. Note that everything prior to inflation is highly speculative (in other words, the question marks should be extended to the next level up). For the rest, this diagram represents the cosmological model used in Palaeos. Image credit: CERN, copied from Jodrell Bank MAK110729

Editor's note: Although Palaeos is mostly about the history of life on Earth, it seemed pertinent to say a few words about the rest of the Cosmos, and extend, at least at a very synoptic level, the review of Deep Time and cosmic evolution going back to the Big Bang. For now however these are simply placeholder pages, with some brief content, mostly copied from Wikipedia. MAK110726, 110917

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