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Cosmic Timescale
   Five ages of the Universe

Cosmic time-line
Cosmological timeline. Image found a number of places online, this one is from here. Time is shown here moving from left to right. The timeline is logarithmic, with increasing size and decreasing temperature and density directly related to the expansion of the universe following the Big Bang. All the timelines shown on these pages are variations of the same theme; astrophysics lacking the iconographic standardisation of geology. Different phenomena are shown appearing at different periods of logarithmic time, the exotic particle and astronomic zoo the equivalent of the procession of life in geological time. The history of the Earth ranges from 9.2 to 13.7 billion years on this diagram.

Page note: In our review of deep time, we have divided the topic arbitrarily into a number of types: cosmological time (here), geological time, Quaternary time, and historical time. This very brief unit, on cosmological time, represents the start of the time series. Like all units, it is also embedded in other series too, in this case the beginning of the cosmos, the first of the evolution stages (see two "Unit Next" buttons, navigation bar).

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