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Chris Clowes: a number of book reviews, much of the Precambrian material & whatever else we can steal from his personal site, Peripatus.

Opiliones.  Christopher Taylor: Bacteria, many basal deuterostomes, and some Eukarya.  Discoverer of Pantopsalis phocator.

Jcwf: a few entries.

Mikko Haaramo: almost all of the cladograms except vertebrates.

M. Alan Kazlev: almost everything, particularly invertebrates and the time pages; design & layout.

Renato Filipe Vidal Santos: cleaning up, sourcing, streamlining and general niggling.

Roger Perkins: really too soon to tell, but I'll probably start with the Cambrian Explosion and provide a lot of pretty pictures.

Toby White: vertebrates, a few time pages, Eukarya; editing, previously updating & maintenance.

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