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Renato Filipe Vidal Santos

Short resumé

Portuguese. Atheist. 28 years old. Degree: major in Biology with a minor in Earth Science at Universidade do Algarve. Moderately accomplished amateur artist. Currently working as a research assistant at the university where I graduated. Pretty much a confirmed nerd!

You can find out more on the deviantART page mentioned above, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Finally, my e-mail address:

dracontes (at) gmail (dot) com

A bit of a history

I'm not even sure when I first found Palaeos.

I do remember long hours at an Internet terminal in a local library writing down the explicit or implicit phylogenetic trees available on the Web in the earliest noughties, including one of Palaeos' predecessors, the evolution section on Kheper.

Fast forward a few years to 2004 and I'm in college but still plying the routes of the information superhighway. Imagine the dismay at finding one of my sources, Palaeos, at the risk of disappearing for good. So, even knowing I might not be the best choice of editor, I offer myself for the position. Unfortunatelly, it wasn't a success: at the time I didn't have the skills or infrastructure (read "computer") to be of much help, besides being a soundboard for ideas regarding the reorganization of the site.

I did my bit adding content to in 2006 but, as was the case for its parent, finishing college took precedence.

In 2011, with college near finished and a job more or less secured I found Palaeos down... again. As before, I wouldn't have any of that, so I contacted Alan and we got the ball rolling.

My job here

I'm basically taking over Toby's maintenance position and see if I can get some content in edgewise at the same time. I will (or have, depending on when you're reading this) be revising the site's style and illustrations.

I've got my job cut out for me ;-)

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