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Roger Perkins

I still have a day job. Working chronologically since university, I've been a nuclear reactor physicist and supercomputer center director. Then, on a lark, realizing that biologists are often mathematically challenged, I switched to biomedical research. I keep a list of publications here so I don't lose them.

Having made that switch, I found myself biologically challenged, and had to switch to autodidactic mode. Where to start? Evolution, of course, the organizing principle of all biology, which led to the Virtual Fossil Museum that has been online since 1999. The journal Science called it "Life's Family Album". As they say, the rest is history, since anything worth doing is worth overdoing, is it not? I'm also webmaster for the Western Trilobites Association, and now a Palaeos contributor. Fortunately, the Palaeos cohort, comprising an open minded lot with eclectic interests and multidisciplinary skills, did not check my creds.

email: rgperkins (at) att (dot) net

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