Middle Ordovician Epoch
Ordovician period
Darriwilian Age
Late Arenig & Llanvirn)

The Darriwilian (Late Arenig & Llanvirn)

The Darriwilian Age of the Middle Ordovician Epoch: 468 to 461 million years ago

Paleozoic Era
   Cambrian Period
   Ordovician Period
     Early Ordovician Epoch
     Middle Ordovician Epoch
         Dapingian Age (Middle Arenig)
         Darriwilian Age (Late Arenig & Llanvirn) 
     Late Ordovician Epoch
         Sandbian Age
         Katian Age
         Hirnantian Age
   Silurian Period
   Devonian Period
   Carboniferous Period
   Permian Period   


Marine Invertebrates


Ogyginus corndensis
Ogyginus corndensis
Llandilo, Wales
Found in the Llandeilo flags in great profusion
collected by Tom Levinson
Length: 10 cm


Canadocystis emmonsi
Canadocystis emmonsi


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