Palaeos Palaeos Echinodermata
Echinodermata Dendrogram

   |--+-- †CYSTOIDEA
   |  `-- †BLASTOIDEA
   `--+-- CRINOZOA (merilijat)
         |--o †EDRIOASTEROIDEA
         `--+?- HOLOTHUROIDEA 
            `--+--o ASTEROZOA (meritähdet)
               |  |--o STELLEROIDEA
               |  |  `--o SOMASTEROIDEA
               |  |     `--o GONIACTINIDA
               |  |        `-- Platasteriidae
               |  |-- ASTEROIDEA 
               |  `-- OPHIUROIDEA 
               |?- [†]CONCENTROCYCLOIDEA
               `?-+-- †OPHIOCISTIOIDEA
                  `--o ECHINOZOA
                     `-- ECHINOIDEA 

References & Links

Conway Morris, S., 1993: The fossil record and early evolution of the Metazoa. --Nature, vol. 361, 21 January, pp. 219-225

The Tree of Life site has an excellent cladogram and discussion of the relationships of Echinodermata, both living and extinct.  It differs in a number of respects from our arrangement.  The Berkeley UCMP page has yet another arrangement -- a bit more like our own but probably somewhat out of date. Mikko Haaramo's cladogram -- from which ours is derived -- may be found at Echinodermata.  For those determined Linneans out there, the California Academy of Sciences maintains a Linnean scheme at Classification of the Extant Echinodermata.  Finally, Tom Holtz has a good discussion of the issues in his course notes at GEOL 331 Lectures 32-33- Echinodermata.  ATW050801.


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