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   Singularity (Posthuman transcension)
Timeline of Major Events & Trends, by Peter von Stackelberg
Timeline of Major Events & Trends, by Peter von Stackelberg. From +Datavisualization ch, also here. License to be confirmed

Futurist Peter von Stackelberg designed a complex timeline of social, technological, economic and political events and trends from 1750 to 2100 (small version above). Each time series shows graphs, events and categories on a common scale. He says about it: "The purpose of the timeline is to provide a visual tool for looking at events across a relatively long period of time and identify patterns and interrelationships involving a broad range of factors. Identification of patterns is particularly important when attempting to look at the future of complex social, technological, economic, and other systems."

Trends and technology timeline - click for large map
The near future: Metro-esque Trends and Technology Timeline charting the estimated arrival of global innovation through 2050. From Future Predictions Map: TRENDS & TECHNOLOGY TIMELINE 2010+
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