Palaeos Palaeos Anagalida
Vertebrates Anagalida


Abreviated Dendrogram
      |  `--+--Anagaloidea
      |     |  |--Anagalidae
      |     |  `--Pseudictopidae
      |     `--Glires
      |        |--Lagomorpha
      |        `--RODENTIA

Anagaloidea & Glires

Taxa on This Page

  1. Anagalida
  2. Euarchontoglires


Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny

Euarchontoglires: LCA Bugs Bunny + Elmer Fudd

Synonym: Supraprimates

Range: from the Latest Cretaceous

Phylogeny: Boreoeutheria : Laurasiatheria : Anagalida + Archonta.

Comments: Another of those unexpected mammalian clades that emerged through molecular sequence analyses and retrotransposon presence/absence data, and for which there is little gross morphology data, although Wible et al. 2009 do provide some morphology evidence in their cladistic analysis. We've included Anagalida here as a daughter clade, in place of the usual Glires, rto take into account possible stem taxa. MAK120316

Link: Wikipedia.


Range: from the Paleocene

Phylogeny: Euarchontoglires : Archonta + * : Anagaloidea + Glires.

Comment: Of two groups previously included under the Anagalida, Zalambdalestidae now considered a stem eutherian on cladistic and morphological grounds; Macroscelidea is included under the Afrotheria on molecular grounds. It's been suggested that Dinocerata belongs here, although the evidence is as controversal as for any hypothesis regarding the relationships of that bizarre yet charismatic group of early Tertiary mammals MAK120316

Image: a degu from Silke & Frank / Degus.  

Links: Root Anagalida; Salles (English & French); Molecular Systematics; Classification Table; EEvvoolluuttiiee vvaann ddee PPrriimmaatteenn eenn ddee MMMammalian mitogenomic relationships and the root of the eutherian ...; Genera and species of Paleocene mammals - Part 2; Paleocene mammals of the world; Rabbits and Hares; Rodent Phylogeny and a Timescale for the Evolution of Glires- ... (a molecular study with reasonable results!); Synonyms of the Anagalida; Brief report; The interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein gene in therian mammals; Usage Optimization of Unevenly Sampled Data through the ...; Molecular Systematics.  ATW040118

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