The Creative Commons License

As part of the effort of disseminating information and ideas, the Palaeos web site employs the Creative Commons Attribution license. For more on this, click on the button at the bottom of the page. Or go to the Creative Commons Home Page to learn more about this worthy approach.

At Palaeos, we have decided on an attribution licence. You can find out more about this by clicking on the Creative Commons button at the bottom of this, and other, pages on this site. What it means basically is that you are completely free to publish or distribute a copy, or modify, material on the Palaeos project, in whole or in part, without asking for permission from us, as long as

  1. you attribute the original to us

If however you do wish to use the material for commercial purposes, or don't wish to give it a Creative Commons licence, please contact us so we can come to an agreement

Note that the Creative Commons license applies only to material on this website by M.Alan Kazlev (MAK) and other authors who use this license. All of Toby White (ATW)'s material is Public Domain. It does not apply to any material (e.g. drawings or photos or whatever) on the same pages but marked © (copyright). If you want to publish that material you need to get permission from the owners or authors.

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Creative Commons License
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