The Chaotian Eon
TIME The Chaotian Eon

The Chaotian Eon

Formation of the Solar System

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History of the Universe
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   The Stelliferous Era - Stars and Galaxies
   The Chaotian Eon - Formation of the Solar System
   Planetary timescales

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Planetary formation - click for larger image
Planetary formation, courtesy of NASA
Chaotian and Hadean timescale proposed by Goldblatt et al 2010
Proposed time scale for the Solar System formation and the early Earth, from Goldblatt et al. 2010 p.2; Creative Commons attribution license.

This very brief unit is concerned with the formation of the Solar System, up to the formation of the Earth, it represents a convergence and overlap of cosmology with geology (timescale), as shown by the dual menu hierarchies above. Our inspiration here is an intriguing suggestion by Goldblatt et al. 2010, to extend the geological timescale further back so that a new eon, called the Chaotian now precedes the Hadean (see diagram at right). Although this is getting into pretty speculative territory, it looks like fun, so why not? MAK110725

Links: See Solar System Formation for more on events during Chaotian time; Comets in the solar system's formation and evolution - chart (in French) showing the "phylogeny" so to speak of Solar System; Origin and Evolution of Solar System, diagram from free pdf ebook Exploring the Trans-Neptunian Solar System (1998); The Earth as a Planet - good page on the early Earth, includes material relevant to both the Chaotian (formation of the Solar System and the Earth) and the Hadean.

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